Huberta Hellendoorn

Huberta Hellendoorn was born in The Netherlands and has lived in Dunedin, New Zealand, since 1960. Her articles have been published in Dutch and NZ publications, and her short stories have been broadcast on RNZ National and published in literary journals such as Sport and Takahe. Her book about her Down syndrome daughter, Miriam, The Madonna in the Suitcase, was adapted for radio and broadcast on RNZ National. Huberta’s memoir, Astride a Fierce Wind was published by Mākaro Press in May 2017.

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Endorsements for Astride a Fierce Wind:

‘Sensitively and lyrically told, Astride a Fierce Wind gives us the story of  leaving home to find a home. The reader has the privilege of entering the world of a woman who responds with resilience, strength and gentleness to adversity and threat, and continues to affirm the goodness found within family and life even in the midst of turbulence.’ —Paddy Richardson

‘This beautifully told memoir is a powerful depiction of damage done by war and by betrayal of an innocent child. Here is the artistry and the restraint of a gifted writer, as Huberta’s story moves from early bewilderment to immigration, and the slow discovery of peace and solid ground.’ —Carolyn McCurdie 

You can hear Huberta talking to Morrin Rout about Astride A Fierce Wind here on Bookenz

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