Carolyn McCurdie

Carolyn McCurdie is a writer of fiction and poetry. She won the Lilian Ida Smith award (1998) for her fiction, and the NZ Poetry Society’s International Poetry Competition (2013). Her books include The Unquiet, a children’s novel,  (Longacre Press 2006), Albatross, a collection of short stories, (Rosa Mira Books, 2014) and Bones in the Octagon, a poetry collection (Makaro Press, 2015). Community related work includes many years as treasurer of the Otago/Southland branch of the NZ Society of Authors, years writing letters on behalf of the branch for PEN’s international Writers in Prison programme, collaborating with others, especially the Dunedin Public Library to stage events to mark Courage Day, NZ’s version of the International Day of the Imprisoned Writer, and as a member of Dunedin’s Octagon Poetry Collective, some years on the Collective’s committee, helping to create live poetry events in the city, and to extend and strengthen Dunedin’s poetry community.

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