Writing Groups - 5 Tips to Create a Writer’s Group that Lasts

How to Critique - Writing Groups - Some tips for effective Critiquing and Organizing

New Zealand Society of Authors

Dunedin City of Literature

Down In Edin - local on-line magazine featuring local artists and writers

Writers talking about their craft

The Guardian Books podcast
CBC radio - writers-company
The New Yorker - fiction podcast
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Podcasts of our radio programme 'Charlies Angels; Twenty-four Years Of Writing Together' 

Programme One - Group discussion and reading by Penelope Todd

Programme Two - featuring  Huberta Hellendoorn

Programme Three - featuring Paddy Richardson

Programme Four - featuring Jane Woodham and Penelope Todd

Programme Five - featuring Kath Beatie

Programme Six - featuring Maxine Alterio

Programme Seven - featuring Jenny Powell

Programme Eight - featuring Eva Wong Ng

Programme Nine - featuring Elizabeth Brooke-Carr

Programme Ten - featuring Shirley Deuchrass

Programme Eleven - featuring Beatrice Hale

Programme Twelve - featuring Carolyn McCurdie

Programme Thirteen - featuring Martha Morseth

Programme Fourteen - featuring Claire Beynon